Integral blind for commercial and domestic installations

At AliView, our integral blinds can fit into any of our glazing products. From domestic windows and doors to larger commercial installations, our integral blinds are convenient, easy to use, and designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. Located inside the double-glazed sealed unit, integral blinds also known as a blind system, provide all the benefits of horizontal Venetian blinds without the need for regular and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance between the panes of glass.

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The benefits of integral blinds

Integral blinds provide a wealth of benefits for every end user.

They help to:

  • Increase privacy
  • Protect against solar glare
  • Reduce maintenance levels
  • Enhance visual appearance
  • Regulate energy efficiency
  • Improve operation

Integral blinds are 100% hygienic and completely child friendly. They are a safe and modern alternative to regular blinds and can enhance the functionality of any interior building space.

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A selection of innovative opening options

Integral blinds from AliView are available with a selection of innovative opening options. Depending on the location of your blinds, your personal preference, and budget, you can choose from:

  • Manual control – opening is controlled by a string pully system similar to regular blinds. This is connected to a magnetic transmission device to ensure that the sealed unit remains hermetically sealed.
  • Cordless magnetic slider – A narrow slide guide is located on the edge of the sealed unit. This activates the opening, closing, and tilting of the window through the use of a magnetic system similar to the manual control unit.
  • Automatic opening – Automatic opening integral blinds are controlled remotely by the user. The blinds are connected to a battery-powered motorised system which can be activated by a remote electrical device. Automatic opening is quiet and smooth and compatible with all aluminium glazing products.

Each opening system controls the blinds in the same way as a regular blind. The opening and closing action is replicated as well as the tilt functionality when the blinds are closed. Integral blinds with their ability to tilt and rotate the slats to various angles, are a new and innovative product which have greatly grown in popularity in recent years thanks to their superb functionality and stylish appearance.


Understanding Integral Blinds

Enhancing privacy and controlling light and heat, integral blinds are sealed within the glass unit, requiring minimal maintenance. Ideal for various settings including commercial and public buildings, they offer a warranty for peace of mind. Perfect for conservatories and patio doors, integral blinds provide a versatile and efficient shading solution.

What are Integral Blinds?

Integral blinds are innovative shading systems that are fitted between glass panes. They offer convenient operation through a magnetic slider or remote control. With a range of colour options available, like anthracite grey, integral blinds cater to different aesthetic preferences. These blinds effectively control glare and light, thanks to their solar reflection and absorption system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Integral Blinds

Welcome to our FAQs section dedicated to shedding light on the convenience and innovation of integral blinds offered by AliView. Whether you're considering these blinds for residential windows or larger commercial setups, we're here to address common questions and provide valuable insights. Discover the benefits, functionality, and various opening options of our integral blinds that seamlessly integrate with our glazing products. Our comprehensive answers will help you make informed decisions about enhancing privacy, managing sunlight, and elevating the visual aesthetics of your living and working spaces ensuring complete peace of mind.

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Can integral blinds from AliView be integrated into different types of glazing products?

Absolutely, AliView's integral blinds are adaptable for use in various glazing products, ranging from domestic windows and doors to larger commercial installations. These blinds offer convenience, user-friendliness, and trouble-free operation, ensuring years of reliable performance.

How do integral blinds enhance privacy, solar glare protection, and energy efficiency?

Integral blinds provide a range of benefits, including increased privacy, protection against solar glare, reduced maintenance needs, enhanced visual appeal, energy efficiency regulation, and improved operational efficiency. These blinds offer a comprehensive solution for multiple needs.

What makes integral blinds a hygienic and child-friendly option?

Integral blinds are 100% hygienic and child-friendly. They offer a secure and modern alternative to traditional blinds, eliminating the need for manual cleaning and maintenance. This makes them suitable for any interior space.

What innovative opening options are available for AliView's integral blinds?

AliView's integral blinds come with innovative opening options, including manual control with a string pulley system, cordless magnetic slider with a magnetic transmission device, and automatic opening controlled remotely. These systems replicate regular blind actions, providing flexibility and ease of use.

How have integral blinds gained popularity and why are they innovative?

Integral blinds have gained significant popularity due to their functionality and stylish appearance. These blinds are integrated within the double-glazed sealed unit, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. They offer convenience, aesthetics, and modernity, contributing to their growing appeal in recent years.

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As a construction firm we use AliView regularly, the whole team are efficient and the job is done to a high standard from start to finish.

David Holmes Construction
July 28, 2020

As a construction firm we use AliView regularly, the whole team are efficient and the job is done to a high standard from start to finish.

David Holmes Construction
July 28, 2020

Since we started dealing with Aliview we’ve been very impressed with their Aluminium products. Sami & team are always available to answer questions to help us on all our ongoing & up and coming projects.

Mrs. Howe
July 26, 2020

Great product – great to deal with, would definitely recommend this company.

David Alston
November 30, 2020