Precision-engineered aluminium sliding doors

At AliView, our aluminium sliding doors throughout Blackburn have been carefully designed and expertly manufactured to create an outstanding aluminium sliding door system. The high-tech sliding roller system in our slimline aluminium sliding doors is meticulously engineered for unparalleled durability and functionality. When these doors are set in motion, they glide open with effortless ease, imparting a feeling of lightness, even though they bear the weight of substantial glass expanses. The secret behind their smooth operation lies in the robust and enduring design of the roller track system, which guarantees years of uninterrupted performance.

What sets our aluminium sliders apart is the innovative ‘slimline interlock’ system. This engineering marvel results in ultra-sleek sightlines and minimal disruption to the glazing, offering you exceptional, uninterrupted exterior vistas.

Grey Slimline Patio Door
Sliding Patio Door

Double and triple-track configurations

Our slimline aluminium sliding doors offer a choice between a double or triple-track opening system. The double-track option includes two distinct door leaves – one stationary and the other gliding along the roller track. Alternatively, you can opt for a triple-track configuration, which accommodates three separate door leaves on a single track. This versatile design enhances the door’s flexibility, making it suitable for various applications.

Sliding Patio Door
Sliding Patio Door
Smarts aluminium

Finish your aluminium sliding door in style

To enhance your slimline aluminium sliding doors installation, we provide a selection of customisation possibilities. Regarding colour, you have the flexibility to select from an extensive RAL colour palette or opt for a protective and aesthetically appealing powder spray finish for the exterior.

Additionally, you can consider a dual-colour frame with distinct interior and exterior colours. After you’ve made your colour choice, you can finalise your aluminium sliding doors by selecting your preferred hardware. We offer a variety of handle finishes to harmonise with your building’s overall design aesthetic.

Smarts sliding door

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Aluminium Sliding Doors FAQs

Welcome to our Aluminium Sliding Doors FAQs. Here, we address common questions about our precision-engineered aluminium sliding doors. If you have more specific queries, feel free to reach out for a free quote tailored to your needs.

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What makes AliView's aluminium sliding doors stand out?

AliView's aluminium sliding doors are distinguished by their high-tech sliding roller system, meticulously engineered for durability and smooth operation, offering exceptional exterior views. The slimline interlock system ensures minimal disruption to the glazing.

Are there different configurations available for these sliding doors?

Yes, you can choose between double or triple-track configurations. The double-track has one stationary and one gliding door leaf, while the triple-track accommodates three door leaves on a single track, enhancing flexibility.

Can I customise the appearance of my aluminium sliding doors?

Certainly, you have a range of customisation options. You can select from an extensive RAL colour palette or opt for a powder spray finish. Dual-colour frames with distinct interior and exterior colours are also available, along with a choice of handle finishes.

How is the durability of the roller track system ensured?

The roller track system's robust and enduring design guarantees years of uninterrupted performance, even with substantial glass expanses. This ensures the smooth operation of AliView's aluminium sliding doors.

What are the benefits of the triple-track configuration?

The triple-track configuration provides greater flexibility as it can accommodate three separate door leaves on a single track. This design is suitable for various applications and offers versatility in door usage.

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As a construction firm we use AliView regularly, the whole team are efficient and the job is done to a high standard from start to finish.

David Holmes Construction
July 28, 2020

As a construction firm we use AliView regularly, the whole team are efficient and the job is done to a high standard from start to finish.

David Holmes Construction
July 28, 2020

Since we started dealing with Aliview we’ve been very impressed with their Aluminium products. Sami & team are always available to answer questions to help us on all our ongoing & up and coming projects.

Mrs. Howe
July 26, 2020

Great product – great to deal with, would definitely recommend this company.

David Alston
November 30, 2020