Improved Design

Our luxurious aluminium door frames are aesthetically pleasing and an architect’s favourite. Being superior to uPVC in terms of strength they can withstand the weight of the house and  hold larger panes of glass to maximise views whilst remaining lightweight themselves– architects that use our products love this because it makes their job easier when doing structural calculations for a renovation.

Also because of their strength, the frames themselves can be far slimmer. which minimise sightlines and allow for a larger viewing field, letting in more natural light, and delivering uninterrupted views.

Our aluminium frames can be designed to suit you, with hundreds of RAL colours to choose from we can create the product to suit you! We also offer ‘dual’ colours across our products to ensure the design can be carried into the interior of the home.

Check out our range of aluminium bifold doors that provide a seamless transition between the end of your home and the beginning of the garden.

Our Glazed Aluminium Products

Eco Friendly

In our ever-advancing world it’s important for everyone included to try and think a bit more sustainably. We have the ability to produce state of the art products without destroying natural resources or leaving a carbon footprint.

Whether you’ve got windows or door frames that are made of aluminium; when it’s time for something new the product can be 100% recycled cleaned, melted down and reshaped into a multitude of products.  Meaning your decision to incorporate aluminium in your home will be a sustainable one!

This is becoming increasingly important with more and more customers wanting to make their mark on the planet now and usually opt for environmentally options whether its from their frames to their weekly shop!

Have a look through our bifold door brochure to fully understand why Aliview aluminium bifolds are a popular choice and a smart investment that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Easy to install

Another reason why people choose our aluminium products is because of how simple they are to install for customers. First of all, aluminium frames are joined together by 45-degree angled mitre joints that are very precise and easy to piece together creating a more tailored finish whereas uPVC frames need to be welded together to create a join and are usually more rounded and bulkier looking.

Secondly, installers love it because it means the turn around times on projects are significantly smaller which ensures their customers satisfaction remains high – after all they want to make the most of their home and not have tradesmen in for prolonged periods.

Finally, aluminium products require less foundations to install – generally uPVC products require to use some of the interior space to create a ‘step’ that can house the structure upwards, and this again can be quite bulky and take up room within a building. Thanks to the strength of aluminium this pre planning and foundation work isn’t required.

Why our aluminium 3 pane bifold products are easy to install


With Aliview, we guarantee quality through modern, innovative and bespoke designs. Where wooden frames are great for creating decorative designs and can easily last 15-20 years with regular upkeep and maintenance, they cannot be compared to aluminium frames which boast an impressive 20–30-year life span and are far less likely to suffer from warping – a common occurrence from weather damage, meaning far less maintenance

Additionally, due to aluminium’s remarkable strength, frames won’t suffer any dents from debris or the ebbs and flow of life in general and will be able to stand the test of time and look as good as they were on day one. Furthermore, their  impressive strength would stand up to any unwanted intruders; being much stronger than uPVC and being able to hold more panes of glass so if you chose to have triple glazing, it would take a lot of effort to breakthrough, deterring any burglars or alike.

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Specialist Aluminium Product designed for intuitive Architects and homeowners across Manchester

Our extensive range of aluminium products, whether it’s replacement windows that welcomes the outside in or for a new build project; products from Aliview are unrivalled for quality. Concentrated on providing a bespoke aluminium design, manufacture and supply, our service is second to none for clients across Manchester and the North West. If your project requires innovation through aluminium, contact our team of reliable experts today and we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible or give us a call on 01254 959191.

A recent case study on our aluminium bifold doors at Wilpshire golf club

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What do our customers think?

Positive customer reviews are testament to a company’s professionalism and quality of service. Have a read of some of AliView’s recent customer testimonials.

As a construction firm we use AliView regularly, the whole team are efficient and the job is done to a high standard from start to finish.

David Holmes Construction
July 28, 2020

As a construction firm we use AliView regularly, the whole team are efficient and the job is done to a high standard from start to finish.

David Holmes Construction
July 28, 2020

Since we started dealing with Aliview we’ve been very impressed with their Aluminium products. Sami & team are always available to answer questions to help us on all our ongoing & up and coming projects.

Mrs. Howe
July 26, 2020

Great product – great to deal with, would definitely recommend this company.

David Alston
November 30, 2020